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Colchester Reclaim

Reclamation Yard Est 1987

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Reclaimed Bricks
All our bricks are carefully selected for re-use. Bricks weather differently depending on factors such as local climate, industrial pollution, north or south facing walls, and of course age. Therefore we suggest bringing a sample for comparison.
Generally reclaimed bricks are Imperial sized.
For a single brick thickness wall :- 60 / ( 50 / sq.yd.) are required.
For a double brick thickness wall :- 120/ (100/ sq.yd.) are required.

Red Bricks

Old Soft Red Bricks from various sources used throughout UK.

White Bricks
Suffolk White Bricks mostly found in East Anglia.



Yellow Bricks
Yellow Stock Bricks used widely in London and the south east.

Floor Bricks

Old Suffolk Floor Bricks from East Anglia, often found in cottage kitchens. Used indoor and outdoor as a traditional hard wearing floor.
Size usually imperial 9"x4.5" approx.
Coverage:- 39 (32 sq.yd.)