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Colchester Reclaim

Reclamation Yard Est 1987

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Reclaimed roof slates
Slates were produced in many sizes, most of which are readily available. In the UK, slates were cut to imperial sizes in inches, whereas in Europe they were cut to metric sizes in millimetres. Like all natural products, slates vary in colour from region to region, but generally Welsh grey is the most common.
Slate Sizes
Here are the most common sizes together with the coverage per square metre or square yard.
Product Description and Coverage
Inches NameSq Mtr.Sq.Yd.
8x16Lady 3025
9x16Broad Lady2722
10x16Wide Lady2420
10x18Wide Viscountess2117
12x20Wide Countess1512
12x22Small Duchess1411

New Natural Slates Best Grade T1 S1 A1

We also stock Polaris new natural Spanish slate.
Prestige and Castillo
Metric sized
500x250 mm
600x300 mm
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